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About Us

Black Aviat Journals

Black Aviat Journals is a venture of trusted entity Black Aviat Education partnered with a publishing agency i.e. Black Aviat Publishing House with an impressive list of talented authors and contributors.
Black Avait Journals have started to give a maximum output across the fields of research that shall be useful for the researchers during their study. This venture of seven journals tries to develop a web of academic excellence that supports a research-focused approach to several scientific and social domain of exploration. Black Aviat International Journals have been set up as a one-stop solution for all kind of manuscript publication for multi-folded research areas. Authors and editors from various countries have been approached for developing an international orientation to the journals.

Black Aviat Education

Black Aviat Education is a subsidiary of Black Aviat Group that plays a major role in devising education-related and research-oriented consultancy across academia. Black Aviat Education also consults various NGO and private players for structuring strategies for education-based ventures. Diversified knowledge base and experience across verticals of the eductaion industry has made the Black Aviat Eductaion one of the key stakeholders in private education consultancy.

Black Aviat Publishing House

Black Aviat has always strived to maintain a balance between the intellectual output and efficiency along with the effective pricing. Being the brainchild of academicians, the Black Aviat Publishing House, a subsidiary unit of Balck Aviat Group, has occupied a designated space in the publishing industry since launch. Black Aviat Publishing House is one of the Indias' first publishing services that makes it easy for the authors to publish their manuscripts in a very cost-effective manner with a minimum time taken for publication.