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Copyright Holder- Black Aviat Journals

As per our policy, we ask all contributors to transfer the copyright in their contribution to the journal owner.
To reduce the carbon footprint of our office, we have adopted to electronic mode of copyright form. In case of more than one author, all co-authors need to fill separate copyright form individually.
Kindly fill the form after reading all the terms of the copyright agreement.

E-Copyright Agreement

Agree to the terms of the copyright agreement after reading the particulars of the same. 

First Party to this Agreement: Black Aviat Journals

Second Party(s) to this agreement: Author/Co-author/Authorized Representative filling this form

I [named in below form], the copyright owner of the article titled (as mentioned in the form below) authorize Black Aviat Journals to publish the above-mentioned article in the most suitable journal published by Black Aviat Journal.

  • This said article authored by me is an original contribution. It has neither been submitted for publication nor published elsewhere in any print/electronic form. It does not infringe on the right of others and does not contain any libellous, slanderous or unlawful statements.

  • Wherever required I have taken permission from the copyright holder and acknowledged the source.

  • If copyright is held by the employer, the employer or an authorized representative of the employer must fill the below copyright form. If the author agrees and submits such a form, it is understood that this is with the authorization of the employer and the employer's acceptance of the terms of the transfer. This shall be confirmed upon submission of this form by the author.

  • I have not assigned the copyright to publish this article to any other journal/periodical/agency.

  • In case of a paper by multi-authored article, I/corresponding author has obtained permission to enter into an agreement and assign copyright from all the co-authors, in writing and all the co-authors have thoroughly read and agreed with the above terms and authorization.

  • I agree to indemnify the Editors/Publisher of the journal against all claims or action arising from any breach of terms of present copyright agreement on my/our behalf in this agreement.


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