Policy for modification /retraction of manuscripts

If any correction is required for an article, then the corrected article is published while the original article still remains in the public domain. However, in some instances, the original article may be removed.

  • Correction

In case of changes in a manuscript that alters the published article's interpretation or conclusion, the corrected article will be published such that the corrected article is indexed and bi-directionally linked to the original article.

  • Retraction

In some cases, the changes might significantly challenge the interpretation or conclusion of an article. In such cases, the published article is retracted, and the published articles are watermarked as retracted articles; also, the title is modified with the prefix “Retracted Article.”

  • Removal of a published article

Black Aviat Journals reserves the right to remove any published article from its online platforms. This removal can be carried out in case of government orders, violation of intellectual property rights, legal rights or privacy rights. In any case, the authors’ and concerned institutions and organizations will be notified about the removal and the corresponding reasons.