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HOW PUBLISHING MAKES YOU ETERNAL? : A incident by Black Aviat Publishing House

Many authors that contact us make a request to make their publication look good and hence more

attractive to the readers. However, a few of them who were not in the core academic line has also gone to publish with us in past years. As our standard policy, we require the client to specify any special needs in respect of manuscripts that is proposed to be published. While asking such a question from one of the clients who used to a bureaucrat, the response was mesmerizing that has self-recognized our value to society and the work we do in Black Aviat Publishing House. The answer was that "As human, I am immortal, as an author I will be eternal".

He explained further that the work people do tends to be forgotten mostly by people and unless its no very historic job, it shall be dissolved in the air without any whisper. The necessity of the name to be recognized after serving society for a long time is very essential for the mental well-being of a few intellectuals. The best way is to publish any manuscript by a publication house and then the name and ideology of the person are alive forever.

This incident when intimated to the core management team has really made them do key changes in the functioning of the organization and the way we see the publishing industry. Since then we look forward to welcoming authors with a lower-paying capacity or people with manuscripts with less number of pages. Black Aviat Publishing House has evolved by the incident and certainly encourage new authors to come forward publishing with them with a manageable rate and services as it contributes to their eternal existence in the society.

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